As a journalist, I made my vows earlier to stand behind the truth, not my origin nor my emotions
I won't set all of the great veiled women I know under the stereotype of being radical, illiberal, or even worse: Anti-Semitic.
There is a lot of misunderstanding and stereotypes from all sides: the German, the Palestinian, and the Jordanian.
Working for more than eight years in political pan Arab journalism and more than four years from Germany made me understand "women's" professional life…
No matter when and how we wrote or said, “We Are Guilty” in this public trial and the rest are just details!
Being “Pro Islamic State or Daesh” was one of the most awkward things I never imagined I would be accused of, and I guess was behind Deutsche Welle’s…
It is so odd to be addressed in the German media in the same way I have been addressed in many brutal social media attacks in Jordan. Being “Palestinian…
It was a normal workday at Deutsche Welle when I got an email from a journalist in “Süddeutsche Zeitung” asking me if I wanted to comment on three…
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Blind spots with Farah Maraqa